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We are dedicated to empowering people and communities to realize their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga and our focus is primarily on bringing yoga back to its original spiritual essence.

We seek to raise your level of consciousness by reinforcing the natural effects of the yoga postures which are designed to harmonize your body, mind, and soul.

Our services include:

What Is Our Practice Like?

Yoga posture practice is gentle for beginning students, becoming more challenging with experience. It is an inwardly directed practice and is never aggressive or aerobic.​

We greatly emphasize

Our Vision:

We hold, above all else, that Yoga is experiential. That it cannot be fully known by reading about it, studying it nor by listening to wonderful lectures. It can only be truly understood through one's own practice and application of it in their own life. To be a good Yoga Therapist, it is imperative that we have our own, ongoing experiences of yoga through daily personal practice.

It is our vision that by committing to this discipline, we ourselves will be inspired to transform into more clear, stable, compassionate, and confident individuals. By understanding the appropriate application of yoga to the human system, we will be equipped with a truly holistic guide for achieving health, healing, and happiness within ourselves and in our lives.

Through this endeavor not only will we come to more fully appreciate Yoga as a healing technology of great variety and nuance, but we will also become fit to guide others through the process. Indeed, it is only through an ongoing experiencing this process that we become fit to guide others.​​

Abha Bajaj


Rehab Trainer (Australia)

(ACE)Personal Trainer

Abha is a seasoned yoga trainer and yoga Therapist with over 10 years of training and treating many clients in Singapore and India. She believes in the traditional and most basic techniques of yoga, The Hatha Yoga, and has seen her clients benefitting immensely in achieving their goals, be it fitness, flexibility, strength, or relief from various health conditions. Primarily a certified Personal Trainer from American Council On Exercise, USA as well as Singapore Sports Council, it was her personal experience that heavy weight lifting may give you a toned body and improved metabolism but holistic living has more dimensions to it. The contraction in muscle fibers leads to tightness in the body which later coverts tightness in emotions and creates an imbalance in the energy system of the body. She enrolled for her 200 hours Yoga Teacherʼs Training with Dr. Venkyʼs SHIVA SHAKTI YOGA INSTITUTE in Singapore in 2008. Since then she has turned into a yoga enthusiast and there has been no looking back ever since. In 2015 she headed to the Paramanand Institute of Yogic Science and Research, Indore, India for her 300 hours Teacher’s Training program as well as Yoga Therapist Diploma. Her Guruji Dr.Omanand introduced her to Antarang Yoga, which brought a turnaround in her thought process and the way she looked at life in general. It’s now her vision to teach yoga the way it originated and the way it was taught traditionally where the emphasis is not just on the physical aspect (Asanas) but introduce the students to the deeper aspects of yoga which helps them understand the purpose of life and turn them inward for finding eternal peace and bliss. She is accredited by Yoga Alliance USA and International Association of Yoga Therapist USA.

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